Valuation of energy assets can be complex and challenging due to  operational constraints and flexibilities that impact the asset's cash flow. Energy asset valuation requires not only in-depth familiarity with energy industry operations, infrastructure, and markets, but also a sophisticated knowledge of finance techniques.

We offer our clients economic consulting expertise in valuing physical and contractual assets in the electric, natural gas, and petroleum industries. Our services include business strategy and planning, expert witness testimony, and litigation support in contract dispute cases. Our experience in regulated and competitive industry segments provide us detailed knowledge of market structure and operational issues.

​​USAENE understands that the financial aspect of an energy  project is key for its success. We carefully perform the following studies and analysis depending on the project needs.

  • Financial, technical and legal due diligence.

  • Competitive markets analysis.

  • Assets appraisal.

  • Risk Management.

  • Rates and regulations analysis.

  • Integrated resource planning.

USAENE performs asset's assessments according to the rules and practices adopted in each region, by working in close coordination with experts and analysts. We assure continuously market and economic conditions monitoring in order to determine the value of assets and the variables of such.  These analyses deliver an impartial and reliable asset assessment for proper decision-making. Such analyses gives our clients a solid foundation whether the goal is to sell, update a project’s market value or increase the overall value of a company.

La UPME in Colombia received the thermal and hydro generation project studies that ISAGEN handed in as part of its restructuring. USAENE was responsible for reviewing, updating and evaluating such studies so that thses studies can be sold or deliver the future developers.


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