Colombian Electricity Market - Daily Report

1. Renewables agency invests in energy retailer that wants to sell less 2. EPM assures there will be no blackout, but power outages in April 3. Wasted electricity worth 4 billion pesos a year

Colombian Electricity Market - Daily Report

1. Innovation in Fossil-Fuel Extraction Is Making It Harder to Create a Low-Carbon World 2. How cities can lead the way toward a low-carbon future 3. Energy demand increased in 5.7% in January 4. ELN blew up electric power towers

Colombian Electricity Market - Daily Report

CREG 009/2009: According to which, measures are adopted for electricity exports given El Niño 1. Colombia announces new wind powered energy plan for US$700 million 2. Venezuela will have power shortages in the shopping centers 3. Newly released energy plan was accepted by the Energy Unions

Colombian Electricicty Market - Daily Report

1. Colombia´s Green universities 2. Due to el El Niño the dams’ capacity could be reduced to 25% 3. Sustainable purchasing for public entities 4. Ministry of environment releases new campaign “el agua es bendita”

Colombian Electricity market - Daily Report

1. El Niño decreases energy production in Colombia 2. Acolgen assures there will not be an energy shortage in the country 3. Solar bricks to build houses 4. Houses of the future will be self

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