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We specialize in engineering studies that implement sustainable solutions. Our professionals are equipped with the best knowledge and experience to evaluate fuels, technology transmission, plant operation, equipment maintenance and project supervision. We also have extensive experience on: Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, technology studies, transmission and energy distribution, energy efficiency, drafting terms of reference and technical support on the energy acquisition process.

Onesite renewable energy supply and consumption must be analyzed together as one electrical distribution system.

For resilience from grid outages, the system must can operate independently when the utility grid is unavailable. Instead of making a detailed analysis of all the components in the system with distributed resources the micro-grid analysis in isolated and interconnected grids is used.

These are the power system functions that a micro grid may provide:

  1. Stabilizing. Frequency Regulation

  2. Spinning Reserves. High Renewable Penetration

  3. Static Synchronous Compensation. Voltage Control

  4. Standalone Operations

  5. Smoothing

  6. Shaving 

  7. Shifting. Demand Response

  8. Seamless Transfer. Grid Connected to Islanded Operation

Depending of the micro grid's owner desired objectives they may require one or more of these systems. When planning a microgrid deployment, upgrade or expansion (especially involving high levels of renewables integration), it's helpful to prioritize the owner's objectives and consider wich microgrid services might best support those ends.

The decision-making process can guide technology choices, as well as highlight the long term value of upfront investments in hardware and software infrastructure.

In general, where the desired penetration of renewable is higher, and where loads are more complex (less flexible or highly dynamic), a microgrid will need to incorporate additional functions of the 8´s mentioned. This is achieved through careful election of generation assets, energy storage, and controls.

USAENE makes these analyses and make the optimal recommendation for our clients.



Microgrids are electricity distribution systems containing loads and distributed energy resources, (such as distributed generators, storage devices, or controllable loads) that can be operated in a controlled, coordinated way either while connected to the main power network or while islanded.

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