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We specialize in engineering studies that implement sustainable solutions. Our professionals are equipped with the best knowledge and experience to evaluate fuels, technology transmission, plant operation, equipment maintenance and project supervision. We also have extensive experience on: Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, technology studies, transmission and energy distribution, energy efficiency, drafting terms of reference and technical support on the energy acquisition process.

USAENE has provided consulting advice on power generation for more than three decades. Clients include project developers, equipment manufacturers, utilities and governments.


Our work began in the early 1980s with cogeneration feasibility studies and market assessments. In the 1990s, we helped many companies assess and act on distributed generation business opportunities and now in the 2000s we are  helping developing countries in differents fields like energy efficiency and renewable as part of the resources in their systems.

The help clients understand distributed generation technologies mainly with RE regulations and markets, we offer several services, including:

  • Evaluation of distributed generation opportunities in end use markets - identifying key sectors, geographic areas, potential resources and applications in the industrial and commercial sectors where distributed generation has the most potential to be installed.

  • Strategic planning for the distributed generation marketplace - developing successful business strategies used by our clients to enter new markets.

  • Assessments of distributed generation technologies - developing key insights about the feasibility and commercial potential of distributed generation technologies.

  • Identification of potential sites for distributed generation applications - performing in depth studies to identify and evaluate sites with the technical, economic, and institutional potential for distributed generation.

  • Feasibility studies for distributed generation projects - determining the technical and economic feasibility of distributed generation at specific sites and for specific applications.

  • Facilitation of standards and Rulemaking - help clients develop technical standards and rules certaining to distributed generation, interconnection, and net metering. 



The worldwide market for power generation is undergoing a tremendous transformation due to restructuring of the electric power sector in many countries. This is resulting in intense competition, new technologies mainly renewable, as well as new tariff structures and new stakeholders like the "prosumers".  

USAENE response to a dynamic energy industry
USAENE response to a dynamic energy industry
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