Our extensive experience within the energy market has given us the knowledge and analysis capacity within different business units on the same market. This expereince facilitates the performance of financial audits, legal, organizational and operation of a company.

Our team has extensive knowledge in the development of these studies. We offer our clients a comprehensive assessment as experienced professionals in  financial, environmental, regulatory, operations, maintenance, contracts, project control, and modeling. Our assesments have the delicate balance of technical and commercial analyses, a reliable service to our customers in order to minimize the risk in the decision making process.


The energy market is constantly evolving and changing which makes due diligence studies essential for reliable decision making. USAENE's technical experience together with the analysis of trends and market modeling, gives our customers a clear picture of the  possible opportunities of what the market has to offer in the short and long term.



​USAENE understands the importance of Regulatory Analyses in the  success of a power generation project and the complementary factors that support it. We carefully offer our clients the following services based on individual project needs:

  •     Technical and financial due diligence studies.

  •     Analysis of competitive markets.

  •     Valuation of assets.

  •     Risk management.

  •     Analysis of rates and regulations.

  •     Integrated resource planning.

Energy rates may be seriously affected by new regulations, new investments, technological advances and government policies. Our knowledge regarding current market dynamics helps our customers understand the factors that influence pricing. We also are able to identify price signals that move within the changing environment. It's our goal to seek strategies to maintain and improve our clients financial stability while providing reliable service at fair prices for consumers.

USAENE executed an energy marketing costsstudy  for distributors in Colombia which serve more than 8 million users, as establishing costs recognized by the final user fees.


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