USAENE understands that the success of an energy project is the compilation and complement of many factors. We carefully offer our clients the following services depending on the project needs:

  • Development of programs for energy management and improvement.

  • Energy development plans.

  • Development of electrification plans.

  • Development of manuals, guides and instructions.

  • Energy efficiency studies.

  • Energy saving plans.

  • Energy efficiency measures.

  • Investment projection plans.

  • Fuel Options.

  • Measurement of electric energy quality.

  • Electrical surveys.

  • Co-generation of energy.

  • Diagnosis and energy audits.

  • Measuring, monitoring and control systems.​​

The business planning process for today's energy companies must be one with the option to change due the large uncertainties created by legislation, regulations and new clean energy policies. Maintaining energy efficiency and carbon emissions under control introduces complexities that energy companies should always consider. As a result, business and project planning should start with the identification of potential technical and financial scenarios  for such.

USAENE performs studies based on a sound understanding of the existing operation conditions of each firm. Our deep industry insights into future scenarios allow us to identify early on possible conflicts that could affect companies and projects. Therefore, our team takes action at theearly stages of a project to prevent future damages.


Our experts take the time to understand each client before defining critical points and incorporating key performance factors. USAENE carefully performs the following studies:

  • Benchmarking.

  • CO2 research and development of future carbon scenarios.

  • Impact analysis.

  • Alternative strategic developments.

  • Business Plans.

  • Investment , operating and maintenance budgets.



We specialize in engineering studies that implement sustainable solutions. Our professionals are equipped with the best knowledge and experience to evaluate fuels, technology transmission, plant operation, equipment maintenance and project supervision. We also have extensive experience on: Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, technology studies, transmission and energy distribution, energy efficiency, drafting terms of reference and technical support on the energy acquisition process.

Project Description: To check and declare the Specific Heat Consumption and Net Effective Capacity of TERMOVALLE to the National Operation Council (NOC) under Agreement No. 557 of November 10, 2011, issued by the CNO, following the procedures and protocols under the criteria set forth therein and established in CREG Resolution 071 of 2006.


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