With the increment of pollution in our environment climate changes are bound to happen. These changes affect our ecosystem and the health of our planet. With climate changes there is an ncrease in storms and irregular weather patterns. In some places winters become shorter, while in others they become colder. Also small mountain glaciers disappear, threatening water supplies in several areas, while elsewhere an estimated of 3 million people a year are affected by coastal flooding. There is also falling crop yield, particularly in developing regions. In the seas extensive damage is caused to coral reef and significantly less water is available in many areas, including the Mediterranean and Southern Africa.

Nevertheless, coal power plants currently dominate electricity generation worldwide, producing over 40% of the world’s electricity. Coal will continue to play an important role for decades to come, especially in providing base load. However, reliance on finite energy resources and the impact on the environment of such puts increasing pressure on reducing the reliance on coal for power generation.


There is no single solution to solve the present and future environmental problems. Despite globalization, the conditions in different societies, countries, and continents vary. This has to be taken into account in trying to find the best solution for the execution of an energy project. The use of Smart Power Generation enables renewable energy sources to complement the generation of fossil fuels while maintaining environmentally friendly projects.


​USAENE understands the current change on environmental policies and regulations that the energy sector is going through. The understanding of new guidelines and the preservation of the environment have become key factors to make an energy project succeed. Conscious environmentally projects can be very profitable if the right studies are taken into consideration. We assist our customers in the following areas:

  •    Biotic analyses.

  •     Socioeconomic studies.​

  •     Wind studies.

  •     Studies of waste.

  •     Effluent studies.

  •     Risk assessments.

  •     Impact mitigation plans.

  •     Environmental diagnosis of alternatives.

  •     Environmental impact assessments.

  •     Environmental management plans.

DEUMAN - Comisión Nacional de Energía

Project Summary: Determine the feasibility, site selection and perform basic technical specifications for six (6) power generation plants based on coal (6 x 350 MW).


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One of USAENE's strengths is its extensive experience in the development of environmental impact studies for energy projects. We also develop the respective plans to mitigate the impact that energy projects have on the environment. Our environmental experience combined with our extensive rules and regulations knowledge is complemented by strategic and innovative technology. These uses result in new and innovative solutions that help restore and protect the ecosystem.