USAENE has a particular strength in applying financial tools to evaluate the complex risks, operational flexibility, and options that are often associated with energy assets. Valuation questions frequently require us to draw on our related strengths in financial modeling, forecasting and market analysis as well as our deep institutional knowledge in the electric power, natural gas, and petroleum industries.

Our economic experts use rigorous techniques to value physical, contractual, and financial assets. We estimate values of assets being purchased or sold or facing privatization or deregulation. We also assess tax liabilities and natural resource royalties. Our valuation work covers a variety of asset classes, including derivatives, futures, options, employee stock options, and mortgage and other asset-backed securities.

​​USAENE understands that the financial aspect of an energy  project is key for its success. We carefully perform the following studies and analysis depending on the project needs.

  • Financial, technical and legal due diligence.

  • Competitive markets analyses.

  • Assets appraisal.

  • Risk Management.

  • Rates and regulations analysis.

  • Integrated resource planning.

USAENE performed GECELCA feasibility studies for G32, coke 250MW, 250MW power generation project, as well as  site selection, technology evaluation, fuel supply analysis, knowledge and environmental analysis. Technological, biotic and socioeconomic studies were performed to determin market prices. These studies also serve to  establish the technical, economic and environmental impact of the project.


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Gecelca S.A.

Our extensive knowledge in the energy market, allow us to identify financial risks, costs, technological alternatives, economic variables and define possible future scenarios for a complete financial assessment. USAENE identifies a project’s financial resources prior to its implementation. A thorough analysis of the total costs for a project’s operation period is performed, as well as the development of  financing models when required. All this with the goal of benefiting  the future and profitability of any energy project.