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CEO - Ing. Jairo Ramírez

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Power Analytics Webinar Series, Peter Asmus, Lead Analyst at Pike Research, moderates panel of distributed generation and energy storage experts. The panel includes Rajan Chudgar, VP of Smart Grid of Power Analytics, Robert C. Bellemare, COO and Managing Director of Utilitipoint and Jim Waring, Executive Chairman of Cleantech San Diego.

The webinar provides an overview, history, benefits and applications, future initiatives and trends of distributed generation technologies.

White Paper: Gasification


World gasification capacity is projected to grow by more than70% by 2015. More than 80% of the growth will occur in Asia, with China expected to achieve the most rapid expansion in gasification worldwide. Despite high construction costs and uncertainty about U.S. government policies, incentives, and regulations, gasification is expected to grow in the United States due to high and rising oil and natural gas prices, more stringent environmental regulations, and a growing consensus that CO2 management will be required for electric power generation and manufacturing plants.




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The latest media technologies allow USAENE to share knowledge with our clients regardless their location. Our company shares the latest energy products and consulting information via a platform of multimedia tools including videos, Webminars and white papers. Join our social media network to be informed of the latest happenings wherever you are.

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