The backbone of the electricity system will be a market-based grid, balancing the supply of large power stations. Some of those power stations will be offshore marine plants, including wave, tidal and wind-farms. Nevertheless, smaller onshore wind-farms will also be a source of energy generation. The market will need to capacity to handle intermittent generation by using backup capacity systems when weather conditions reduce.


This will create much more local generation opportunities, in part from medium to small local community power plants. There will be much more micro-generation for example from Combined Heat and Power plants, fuel cells in buildings and photovoltaic solar pannels. This will also generate excess capacity from time to time, which will be sold back into the local distributed network.


New homes will be designed to need little energy and will even achieve zero carbon emissions. The existing building stock will increasingly adopt energy efficiency measures. Many buildings will have the capacity at least to reduce their demand on the grid, by using solar heating systems to provide some of their water heating needs, if not to generate electricity to sell back into the local network.


​USAENE is always looking for cutting edge technologies to work with, always having in mind local regulations and budgets. We assist our customers in doing feasibility studies for the following technologies: 

  • PV solar projects.

  • CSP solar power.

  • Wind.

  • Geothermal.

  • Fuel cells.

  • Storage solutions.

  • Hydro power plants.

Ministerio de Energía y Minas de Perú

By 2020 there will be much more local power generated in medium and small communities. This generation will be fueled by technologies such as locally grown biomass, local wind energy sources and energy generated by tides and waves. This energy will be locally distributed, having the hability and oportunity to sell their surplus. UASENE is highly qualified to conduct feasibility studies for this and new renewable technology sources, guiding each client towards making the right decisions.


International contribution for the development of design and construction of rural electrification projects using renewable energy sources. Developing standard term for renewable energy projects: Solar, Wind, Hydraulic, Biomass, Hybrid.


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