USAENE has developed comprehensive valuation and risk management software tools based on the concepts and methods of derivative asset valuation. These include tools for valuation and management of physical energy resources, valuation, risk assessment, hedging simulation of energy portfolios, pricing of wholesale contracts and retail service agreements.

We have delivered user-friendly models based on graphical user interfaces (e.g. EPRI’s Energy Book System) as well as custom spreadsheet solutions that allow analyses with greater flexibility to modify parameters. We work with electric utilities, gas utilities, and trading companies to map the risks of their contract portfolios, assets and retail customer franchises. Our thorough studies allow us to calculate the range and likelihood of future cash flows associated with our clients' portfolios.

USAENE understands the importance of Risks Analyses for the  complete success of an energy project. We carefully offer our clients the following services depending on the project needs:

  • Environmental risk studies.

  • Construction and procurement risk analyses.

  • Social risks and impact development plans.

  • Financial risks studies.

  • Future financial development analyses.

  • Marketing and Regulatory risk studies.

Feasibility study of gas generation projects in Colombia.
Selection of sites for the location of thermal generation projects with gas turbines in simple and combined cycles. Each site had a feasibility analysis and risk assessment of the implementation of these projects. A methodology of risk during the stages of feasibility, procurement, construction and operation of projects up to 300 MW.


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USAENE makes a priority to identify potential risks surrounding decisions making within a an energy project. We understand it's vital to define effective mitigation strategies and integrate such with due diligence studies, market projections, and valuation to identify the global risks of a project. USAENE has extensive experience in due diligence studies, valuation and risk management implementation. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to identify risks, develop risk prevention plans and execute them accordingly.