We are a highly qualified multidisciplinary energy consulting firm operating in North and Latin America. With more than 30 years of experience, we are known for our cutting edge ability to identify and implement Smart alternatives with conventional and new technologies. Our work ensures the optimal solutions for Power Generation and Energy Projects.


Selecting the best choice to generate energy is a very complex process in today's market. ​ USAENE is aware of the wide variety of options available to clients. Price, availability, reliability, opportunity, risk factors, environmental components, innovative low cost financial models, renewable vs. conventional technologies and hybrids are some of the factors that we take into account to better serve the specific needs of our clients.


Our extensive experience in the field offers clients the best solutions within the energy sector.

We works as a multidisciplinary expertise team. Our areas of knowledge include:

Mapa del Sitio

Norte  América


7551 Wiles Rd. Suite 203

Coral Springs, FL 33067
T +1 954 282 6337    

F +1 954 258 0056

E info@usaene.com

Latino América


Calle 82 No. 19A-14

Bogotá, Colombia

T +57 1 6210 211   

C +57 317 664 46 51

E info@usaene.com

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