There is no single solution to solve the present and future environmental problems. Despite globalization, the conditions in different societies, countries, and continents vary. This has to be taken into account when trying to find the best solution in the execution of an energy project.

There are sets of solutions  and conditions to be applied in different situations. For the outcome to be a lasting one, energy variables have to be identified in order to make the right environmental choices. The use of Smart Power Generation enables renewable energy sources to complement the generation of fossil fuels while maintaining environmentally friendly projects.

We implement the use of Smart Power Generating engineering, using a variety of power generating units in parallel, resulting in maximum flexibility, reliability and high fuel efficiency. Energy saving works best by optimizing each application successfully to result in sustainable energy generating projects.

​USAENE understands the current change on environmental policies and regulations that the energy sector is going through. The understanding of new guidelines and the preservation of the environment have become key factors to make an energy project succeed. Conscious environmentally projects can be very profitable if the right studies are taken into consideration. We assist our customers in the following areas:

  • Energy savings.    ​

  • Combined heat power and biomass cycles.

  • Minimization of energy waste.

  • Renewable and hybrid solutions.

  • Co-Firing.

  • Geothermal power generation.​​


Smart Power Generation is a new, unique solution for flexible power generation and an essential part of tomorrow's optimized secure power systems. Smart Power Generation will improve the total energy generation system efficiency, enabling global transition to a sustainable, reliable and affordable energy infrastructure.



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