Sustainable Energy allows communities to live in harmony between the equitable availability of energy services to all people and the preservation of the earth for future generations.


First of all industry is the primary producer of many of the products that enhance our quality of life. Society imposes some constraints on the industry that protect values of importance, like a clean environment, through regulations, policies, and economic measures. The performance of these industries is based in growth models. While some critical resources are depleted by growth in consumption waste and pollution grow, growth is beginning to reach a point of impacting the life support systems of the earth, unless industries and the customers invest in new and probably more expensive ways to reduce their environmental footprint. The time may have come to move from a “growth” model to a new paradigm.


How much space is really needed for the activities of working and leaving? There are some major opportunities for improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings.  Most people believe that “more is better”. Larger spaces encourage accumulation of more “things”, and many of these acquisitions are used infrequently, if at all.


Energy Efficiency presents one of the major opportunities to contribute towards sustainability in the short and long term. An Energy Audit is essential to evaluate and identify energy saving opportunities and USAENE works with technological tools that facilitate changes, including life-cycle analysis, efficiency, heat and work integration, waste minimization, reduce the use of virgin materials where possible for the purpose of recycling, and smart design.